Intuitive, effortless and natural motion control in VR

3dRudder: VR and 3D foot motion controllers

How it works

The only solution for providing users with intuitive motion control in VR

Immediate and intuitive

With the 3dRudder foot motion controller, there is no time wasted anymore on training users on how to move in VR with sticks. No issue either with them having difficulties coordinating motion at the sticks with doing with the hands. It takes less than 5 seconds for anyone, even non gamers, to use it and start moving as in real life.

Seamless motion in VR

Thanks to its 4 axes, the 3dRudder brings intuitive motion control to your VR applications. Effortless movements of the feet on its platform suffice to trigger motion in VR: tilt the 3dRudder forward/backward, left/right, rotate it, or exert pressure to move up or down, and experience natural and precise motion control in VR.

Easy integration and set-up

Integration of the 3dRudder into a VR application takes just a few hours. It can also be used with a wide range of existing VR applications. Deployment is very quick with minimal set-up. The unit is easily stored or carried. It doesn't have any onboard battery in case it needs to be put in a checked bag when traveling.

Wired or wireless

Whether you're equipped with wireless headsets like the Oculus Quest or wired ones like the HTC Vive Pro, there is a 3dRudder foot motion controller for you. Our foot controller is also great to use with standard 3D applications, to control remote machines in 3D environments, or for accessibility.

Move intuitively, effortlessly and securely in VR with your feet

All it takes are effortless movements of your feet on the 3dRudder, while seated.

Put your feet on the 3dRudder and experience full, intuitive and precise motion control in your VR and 3D applications. Move forward, backward, strafe, turn, or move up & down. Speed up, slow down, stop exactly where you chose to. Achieve in seconds impossible movements like orbiting around an object while looking at it. And notice how, after just a few minutes, motion at the feet becomes second nature. Your hands now focus solely on action, design...

How it works

The motion controller for demanding professionals.

  • work

    Training . Simulation

    Create limitless training and simulation environments and provide users with a safer, more intuitive and more natural VR experience.

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  • videogame_asset

    Gaming . Animation . Motion Picture

    Integrate the 3dRudder right from the start in your VR projects to build new gameplays, and create experiences where the potential of virtual reality is fully optimized

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  • medical_services

    Medical Imaging

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  • settings

    3dRudder Design Edition

    Use the 3dRudder to control your view mode and manipulate your 3D objects, and free up your hands for design only.

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  • flight

    Tourism . Culture

    Grant your visitors an exclusive access to your site in virtual reality. With the 3dRudder, they will explore, wander, discover at their own pace and live a unique experience they will want to share with others.

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  • business

    Real estate . Construction

    Visit your projects and properties from ground level up to top floor, explore every angle, pick your perspective, in a truly interactive and immersive way thanks to the 3dRudder as a free locomotion solution.

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  • people

    Physical Therapy

    Combine the 3dRudder with a VR experience for exposure therapy, physical therapy or relaxation exercises

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Business cases

How professionals use the 3dRudder.

Businesses from various industries explain how they use the 3dRudder and the value add to their organization.

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