3dRudder : a versatile motion controller.

The 3dRudder is the foot-based motion controller that provides fluid, and seamless motion in any kind of 360, 3D and virtual reality environment. Used seated, it requires no dedicated space, can be operated for hours without fatigue and is so intuitive to use it takes only a few minutes to master its controls.

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Get your feet to work, do more with your hands.

By assigning controls to your feet, you free up your hands for other tasks, hence expanding the range of opportunities, enabling achievement of complex tasks, improving productivity and working condition.

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Experience free movement.


You can combine the axes together up to 4 simultaneously to apply complex trajectories.


The sole weight of your legs on the platform suffices to trigger the 3dRudder.


Speed, acceleration and dead zone are adjustable independently for each axis


Trigger the 3dRudder with natural movements of your feet like pushing forward to move forward, rotating to turn around, …

A patented innovation in a simple look.

Upper pad + platform

Circular platform to rest your feet on, covered with an anti-slippery and easy-to-clean synthetic leather.

USB cable

Data recorded are sent to your PC via USB connection.

IMU + Sensors

6 pressure sensors combined with an Inertial Measurement Unit track pressure, angle and steering and turn them into real-time moves into your application.

Lower pad + shell

Rounded basis designed to trigger the 4 axes with effortless movements, covered with a protective rubber pad.

Comfortable and ergonomic

Used while seated and being foot-operated, the 3dRudder naturally makes the operator pay more attention to his working position and contributes to stimulating otherwise static legs. With motion controls reassigned to the feet, hands are relieved from repetitive, over-stressing tasks.

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Did you know that?

WMSDs of the hand and wrist are associated with the longest absences from work and are, therefore, associated with greater lost productivity and wages than those of other anatomical regions.

Source Temple University,
Philadelphia, PA

An easy-to-integrate controller

The 3dRudder comes with a wide range of assets that makes its integration into your own application all the easier. Access our Windows SDK and our VR resources and shape it to your own needs.

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Technical data


Operating system

Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10





Windows Assets



VR Assets and plugins

Unreal engine


Client software provided

3dRudder Dashboard


Native Modes

Virtual reality controller
3D controller
Possibility to emulate a mouse, a keyboard, a joystick/HOTAS


Virtual reality

Compatible with Windows VR
› HTC Vive
› Oculus Rift



› Up to 4 axes : X . Y . Z . rZ
› Up to 6 buttons addressable
› Speed, acceleration, deadzone adjustable
› Sound