3dRudder Pro Wireless: intuitive, natural and precise foot motion control for your Oculus Quest applications

Seamless motion in VR

Thanks to its 4 axes, the 3dRudder Pro Wireless brings intuitive motion control to your VR applications. Effortless movements of the feet on its platform suffice to trigger motion: tilt the 3dRudder forward/backward, left/right, rotate it, or exert pressure to move up or down, and experience natural and precise motion control in VR.

Immediate and intuitive

With the 3dRudder Pro Wireless foot motion controller, there is no time wasted anymore on training users on how to move in VR with sticks. No issue either with them having difficulties coordinating motion at the sticks with doing with the hands. No need for dedicated space, no overhead cable management. It takes less than 5 seconds for anyone, even non gamers, to use the 3dRudder Pro Wireless foot motion controller, feeling secure as they are seated.

Add motion to the Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Experience

The release of the Oculus Quest and the availability of its hand tracking feature open up a world of possibilities for VR training, visualization, simulation… applications. Yet the absence of hand controllers means there is a need to replace those by a motion control solution at the feet that should be immediate, intuitive and feels natural to the users. It’s what the 3dRudder pro Wireless is all about.

Make your VR application memorable

The 3dRudder Pro Wireless is a VR motion controller designed for enhanced virtual reality experiences. Rid of constraint of space, physical strain, and complicated set-up, your users will be fully immersed into your VR experience. Be it for training sessions, virtual tours, data visualization, therapy use, or any other application, the 3dRudder will make VR sessions plainly efficient.

The 3dRudder is an intuitive and precise VR motion controller

The 3dRudder takes a few seconds to learn to use, even for people who cannot use a gamepad

The 3dRudder is used seated which perfectly fits a business environment where user safety is paramount

The 3dRudder is foot-powered and triggers motion with effortless movements for hour long usage

The 3dRudder frees the hands for natural interaction with hand controllers or hand tracking

The 3dRudder Pro Wireless offers 3 types of locomotion


Enjoy free locomotion, smooth rotation included.


Experience helicopter-like movement to hover over a scene, using the 4 axes of the 3dRudder.


Control aircraft, aerial and submarine machines with the feet .

Integrate the 3dRudder Pro Wireless easily into your own Oculus Quest application

You have an existing Oculus Quest (or an other Android-based VR headset) application or plan on developing one, and are looking for a locomotion solution? We believe the 3dRudder is made for you. Immediate and intuitive, it is also easy to integrate. In just a few hours, you can add the 3dRudder Pro Wireless foot motion controller to your project.

Technical data


Operating system

Oculus Quest
› Oculus OS
› with hand tracking
› with Oculus Touch
Android for other headsets
Windows 10
USB 2.0



USB power plug (not included)
USB power bank (not included)


Dev tools

› Unity
› Unreal engine
› SDK C++, C#, Python
> Samples



> Up to 4 axes: X, Y, Z, rZ
> Up to 8 buttons addressable
> Speed, acceleration, deadzone adjustable
> Sound