Our goal: set your ideas into motion

Sit down, step up, and move your business beyond.

As big and wonderful of a place to move around as our world is, the virtual world is even more so. An infinity of things to do and projects to set into motion.

Our mission is simple: to make moving in 360°, 3D and VR application, as natural and rewarding as it can be: for the fun, for the thrill, for the joy, for the movement.

So no matter what your industry is, get ready to sit down, step up, and move your business beyond.

Our team

Valerio Bonora

Founder and President

Valerio is an Architect DPLG. A former founder and Managing Partner of Decode, an engineering company specializing in 3D virtual architectural and structure design (Canopée des Halles de Paris, La Samaritaine), he brings 17 years of experience in solving design problems in the real, and most recently, virtual worlds.

An avid free diver, he was a member of the French free-diving team that took home a co-championship in 2014.


Stanislas Chesnais

Founder and CEO

Stan brings an invaluable 27 years of experience in serial software and communications entrepreneurship to 3dRudder.
A former founder and CEO of Netsize, an international leader in messaging and mobile payments, Stan stewarded the company to successful acquisition by Gemalto in 2011. He brings an expertise in the relationship between technology, software, and communications to a wide variety of partners, currently sitting on the board at One2Team, Madgic, Mobibase.


Sylvain Leclercq

Founder and CTO

A master engineer specializing in automated systems, Sylvain is responsible for the development of the electronics and hardware interfaces at 3dRudder. After graduating from Supélec in 1996, Sylvain worked on submersible drones for Arianespace and Cybernetix.

Sylvain is the owner of numerous patents, notably in underwater movement systems.


Emmanuel Fromy

Founder and CSO

Emmanuel brings nearly 20 years of experience in software engineering to 3dRudder.

A specialist in the development of vision-controlled non-destructive industrial software, he has additional expertise in prototyping, drivers, and interfaces.


Christophe Dissaux

EVP, Sales

Christophe spent over 20 years in North America as an entrepreneur and manager. He has started and managed the US subsidiaries of numerous French companies, notably Parrot and Baracoda.

With dual French and American citizenship and language fluency, he is today the Executive VP Sales at 3D Rudder. In this role, he is responsible for defining and implementing the company’s multi-platforms sales strategy and establishing the distribution network globally.