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You are a game studio working on a new VR game or have recently released your VR game? You want it to become a milestone in the VR industry or just have the ambition to offer the best VR experience possible?
The 3dRudder is the VR motion controller you need.

Powered by your feet and used seated, it offers 360° of free life-like locomotion, with no need for dedicated space or complicated set-up.
The 3dRudder manages all types of locomotion, from first-person locomotion to flight-simulation, and frees up players’ hands for interaction.
The 3dRudder supports Steam VR, Oculus Store and, coming soon, PSVR.

What's in the 3dRudder dev kit?

3dRudder dev kit content 1 3dRudder
A 3dRudder VR motion controller

3dRudder dev kit content sdk plugin
+ SDK’s, game engines plugin and assets

+ documentation & guidelines for integration

3dRudder dev kit content support
+ support, testing & feedback

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3dRudder company will attribute free dev kits to selected applicants based on the information provided in the application form. Should 3dRudder not be able to evaluate the application based on the information provided, it might ask for further information. Studios whose VR games are built around a free locomotion solution have the best chances to receive a free dev kit. 3dRudder shall reserve the right to accept or decline application at its sole discretion. Once 3dRudder has approved your application, you will be informed by email and will receive your 3dRudder’s dev kit a few days later.