Business case

Badfly Interactive.

BadFly Interactive is the studio that created the blockbuster game Dead Effect.
End of 2017, BadFly interactive announced native support for the 3dRudder in Dead Effect 2 VR.


Badfly Interactive

Creator & Editor of Dead Effect 1 & 2

BadFly Interactive is a game development studio and based in Czech Republic. Its key team members have more than 20 years of experience in gaming industry, having worked on projects like Mafia, Vietcong, Mad Max or Witcher III.

BadFly Interactive has become well-known for its groundbreaking FPS´s Dead Effect 1 and 2 which sold million of copies within the last few years. End of 2017, Badfly Interactive completed the successful Dead Effect 2 franchise by its standalone VR version -Dead Effect 2 VR- that successfully ranks among the top VR games of 2017.

The project

We started working on the first concepts of the game Dead Effect in 2013 and it took us 2 years to finish the game in its entirety. Dead Effect was first released for mobiles in October 2015 and it was so well received we declined it for PC’s, then Xbox One and PS4. Beginning of 2017, the game had sold several million copies across all media when we decided to develop a version for virtual reality to enhance the experience for gamers. About 10 people worked on the VR version of Dead Effect 2, and 9 months later we announced the official full release of Dead Effect 2 VR on Steam with native support both for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Dead Effect 2 VR was our first game where we tried out how VR works. Virtual Reality offers an extraordinary immersive experience, other than the 2D space we used to get through computer screens. But on the other hand, VR technology offers limited space for playing. That’s why a few weeks after the release of Dead Effect 2 VR, when we were reached out by the representatives of 3dRudder who suggested to integrate the 3dRudder as a motion controller in the game, we thought it could be a new cool idea to deal with the limited-space issue for playing in VR.

Though at first we did not have many expectations because Dead Effect is a fast-paced-action-packed FPS going for a lot of movements we could not imagine to reach while seated, the approach of 3dRudder company plus reasonable benefits coming from the foot motion controller itself convinced us to natively support the 3dRudder in Dead Effect 2 VR.

With the 3dRudder the seated play moves to a brand-new dimension

The thing is not everyone has a big room available for room-scale play and some prefer to play comfortably seated. With the 3dRudder the seated play moves to a brand-new dimension as it frees your hand from motion management and lets you fully focus on collecting, shooting, reloading, and killing the enemies.

3dRudder is a progressive device that makes movement incredibly natural and immersive. Certainly, it has a lot of potential. Generally, the latest VR technology aims to reduce space, movement or cable issues to reach the most natural way of VR experience. Despite how important and fast this progress in VR is, it lacks some compatibility with popular existing games. We see 3dRudder as a bridge that allows your favorites to be explored in VR anywhere with the comfort of the future.

While supporting our existing products, we at Badfly are now focusing on a new project -TauCeti Unknown Origin– with which we want to create something more than a "game". While working on the VR version of Dead Effect, we've absorbed the atmosphere of 3D technology we want to apply in this new project. ‘TauCeti Unknown Origin’ will be something like an interactive guide to different worlds and time spaces, which introduces new forms of life on a strange planet, reveals their essence together with the character and strength of a man who longs to survive.