Business case

Carbon Studio.

Carbon Studio created the VR game The Wizards-Enhanced Edition.
In 2019, they integrated the 3dRudder as a foot motion controller on PlayStation VR.


Carbon Studio

Creator of the VR game "The Wizards - Enhanced Edition"

Carbon Studio is a virtual reality development studio based in Gliwice, Poland. Since its founding in 2015, it has released multiple video games and serious-gaming applications for all major VR headsets.

The company was founded by Aleksander Caban, Karolina Koszuta, and Błażej Szaflik, veterans from The Farm 51 in Gliwice. The team currently consists of 18 people, working exclusively on VR content. Their latest production is a VR game, The Wizards - Enhanced Edition, coming soon on PlayStation VR.

The project

The Wizards – Enhanced Edition is an action-adventure VR game with a unique system of casting spells with hand gestures. The game consists of a single player campaign that takes roughly 6 hours to complete and Arena Mode with bonus challenges for additional replayability. The game originally debuted on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and gained very positive reception from both the players and professional reviewers.

The development of the game began in Q4 2016 and is still ongoing, as the game is being introduced to new platforms. The game was released in Early Access in July 2017, and the full release on PC VR happened in March 2018.
The Wizards is coming to PlayStation VR in Q1 2019 with many new features and improvements as an “Enhanced Edition”.

Our goal was to develop a game that would harness the full potential of six-degree-of-freedom VR controllers. To achieve that, we looked to fantasy for inspiration, and came up with the idea to put magic in players’ hands: the spellcasting in The Wizards all happens through movement and hand gestures, allowing for incredible immersion and the feeling of achieving mastery of the magic itself, rather than of button combinations and pop-up literacy.

We first heard about 3dRudder from the VR-related news on the internet. It instantly caught our attention, as we are always interested in new and pioneering solutions in the sphere of VR. The idea of being able to control the movement in the game with your feet seemed to be both convenient and immersive.
Being able to implement the support for 3dRudder in The Wizards was a chance we didn’t want to miss. The game is heavily focused on casting spells with hand gestures, and so the possibility to leave the movement to the player’s feet is a welcome addition. We expected 3dRudder to add to the immersion and fun of playing The Wizards and we are happy to admit that this is exactly what happened.

The 3dRudder allows for a more free, precise, and intuitive control: besides freeing up the hands, the controller allows for more kinds of movement, namely strafing that is unavailable with just the PS Move controllers.

With movement control delegated to their feet, players can focus more on performing gestures, which is a core feature of our game. At the same time, 3dRudder allows for a more free, precise, and intuitive control: besides freeing up the hands, the controller allows for more kinds of movement, namely strafing that is unavailable with just the PS Move controllers.

3dRudder is an accessory that successfully addresses several pain points of the current generation of VR headsets. We believe that with enough developers integrating the SDKs, 3dRudder can become a recognizable and widespread accessory among the PlayStation VR players. It may become as popular as PlayStation VR Aim Controller, which adds enough to the supported games to become an important element of the PlayStation VR ecosystem. We believe that 3dRudder has the potential to follow the same path.

At Carbon Studio, we believe that accessibility is the key to mainstream adoption of VR technology. This is why we are strong supporters of console-based and standalone VR headsets.

We believe that the adoption of VR technology will go in two directions: gaming and non-gaming.
For games, we expect that VR headsets may become as popular as current-gen consoles in a couple of years. And just like the consoles and PC, VR is not going to replace traditional, “flat” gaming. It will develop alongside it.
For non-gaming, we believe that more and more industries will embrace the potential of VR and find practical use cases for VR headsets. Design, architecture, real estate, e-commerce, and health can all benefit a lot from the implementation of immersive technologies. Soon, we’ll get used to seeing VR headsets at the dentists and real estate offices, as VR can reduce pain and allow immersive transportation to not-yet-built spaces.

We are going to keep working on VR-exclusive projects, both gaming, and B2B. We will be ready to reveal our next game soon…


With 3dRudder tech support team being always ready to help, it took one person less than two days to integrate and configure the SDKs.
Then we sent the build to 3dRudder’s team to gather feedback, implemented minor changes based on their suggestions, and then prepared a final build.

The process was fast, easy and convenient. We had to add specific game settings related to 3dRudder, but we already had a lot of other similar options and adding a few extra modifiers did not take a lot of time or effort.