Business case


Epitech is a computer science school whose teaching is based on projects.
Here is how 3 students developed a VR simulation using the 3dRudder.


Milan, Raihan and Nicolas

Students at Epitech Marseille, France

Epitech is a computer science school created in 1999 that trains students to a master degree in Information Technologies. Epitech makes it possible to transform a passion into expertise via a resolutely innovative pedagogy, organized by projects. The school is present in 12 cities of France and soon in Beijing (China).

Milan, Raihan and Nicolas are 3 Epitech students who have been working on a project involving Virtual Reality technology. Here is their project.

The project

We are 3 students at Epitech working on a team project. Mylan is Developer, Raihanne is Gaming specialist and Nicolas Game designer and storyboard writer.
Our project was to make a 3D simulation of our school. Purpose was to offer a virtual visit of Epitech Marseille with a hint of fun and interactivity.

We all wanted to use VR technology and demonstrate what could be achieved through it. Right from the start, we wanted a locomotion mean that would be smooth and seamless -definitely no teleportation- hence the choice of the 3dRudder.
Raihanne already knew of the 3dRudder having it extensively tried it before. He talked us into using it as our VR motion controller and we tested it. The principle is intuitive: you use your feet daily to walk, you use them in VR to walk.

As when you use the 3dRudder to move, your hands are free, you can add more interactions

We definitely wanted to be able to interact, and as when you use the 3dRudder to move, your hands are free, you can add more interactions. That’s how we were able to offer bow shooting and basket dunking! It would have been difficult with hand-controlled motion to move and interact simultaneously, and just impossible with teleportation.

It took us 4 months to deliver the project, and only one day to integrate the 3dRudder. The project was developed under Unity, and 3dRudder offers a full Unity development kit. If everything could be as easy, it would be perfect!


The experience was developed with Unity, so we used 3dRudder Unity assets and integration was easy. Development of the simulation took us 4 months, and only one day was for the integration of the 3dRudder.