Business case

GunSpinning VR.

GunSpinning VR is Wild West VR shooter originally designed as a rail shooter only.
Here is why the developper changed his gameplay to introduce free locomotion with the 3dRudder.


Yannick Comte

Indie Game Developer, Demonixis Games

Yannick Comte is a passionate game developer. During the day, he is Project Manager and AR-VR Lead Developer at Wanadev and in charge of VR arcade game development.

At night, Yannick Comte is an Indie Game Developer for the studio he created, Demonixis Games. Among plenty of projects, all centered on virtual reality, he created GunSpinning VR, a Wild West VR shooter game.

The project

On top of my regular work at Wanadev, I’ve been developing VR games as a hobby for 5 years. I really see myself as an Indie Game Developper since I created my own 'One-man-studio', Demonixis Games, in 2017. Among all the projects I’ve worked on -from transposing classic games to virtual reality, like Mars Extraction, to developing games from scratch- GunSpinning VR, is my most achieved project.

When I started working on GunSpinning, I knew exactly where I was heading: a Wild West VR shooter game. I had hand controllers that allowed me to shoot and I loved the atmosphere of the Far West: I added a touch of Country music which I love and I was ready to start.

GunSpinning VR is a cowboy vs zombies VR game with 3 modes and 8 levels. The 1st demo of GunSpinning VR was made with the Kinect. Overall, development took me 1,5 year from the starting point all the way down to the 1st release in April 2017.
Having been selected by Microsoft to be one of the 1st developers to create games for the new Windows Mixed Reality HMD’s, I released a 2nd version of GunSpinning VR in October 2017 with native support for these VR headsets and sold on the Microsoft store.

The 3dRudder has the ability to make complex games seem accessible

GunSpinning VR was originally designed to be a VR “rail” shooter. I put Rail into brackets because that was before the 3dRudder.

GunSpinning VR 3dRudder VR controller

I must say it took me some time to realize the full potential of the 3dRudder motion controller, and that for several reasons. First reason is, the demo experience that comes free with the 3dRudder does not do justice to its capacities. Second reason, the 1st time I integrated the 3dRudder in a VR game, I did a mistake most of developers tend to do when facing such a brand-new type of controller: I tried to make the 3dRudder fit into the game instead of thinking the other way around.

Mars Extraction VR 3dRudder motion controller

Take Mars Extraction that offers 6 degrees of freedom. When you play it in VR with a hand joystick, it makes people sick right away: it’s too complicated to manage. The 3dRudder has the ability to make complex games accessible, so when I transposed Mars Extraction to VR, I decided to take advantage of this unique feature. I implemented simplified controls within the game which, combined with 3dRudder’s super intuitive use make the game accessible to a greater number of players and even more attractive in a VR context.
By the time I had integrating the 3dRudder in Mars Extraction VR, I was totally convinced of its potential as a VR motion controller. That’s why I decided to integrate it in GunSpinning VR, meaning modifying the gameplay of my game to put motion at its heart as, as mentioned earlier, GunSpinning VRwas originally designed to be a VR rail shooter with teleportation the only motion option. The next release of GunSpinning VR will include free locomotion enabled thanks to the 3dRudder motion controller.


Integrating the 3dRudder in my games was pretty easy.
I work with Unity so I used the 3dRudder SDK for Unity: once I got a look at the source code and understood how it worked, all I had to do was use the samples provided by 3dRudder to integrate the device as a motion controller in the games I develop.