Business case

Ivanovich Games.

Ivanovich Games is a very active game studio in the VR industry.
In 2019, they will release 3 VR games with native support for the 3dRudder on PSVR, and PC VR.


Ivanovich Games

Gaming studio creator multiple VR games, among which "Beat Blaster" and "Operation Warcade"

Ivanovich Games is a game studio based in Barcelona, Spain that has been creating games for multiple platforms since 2009. Their main emphasis is now on virtual reality, and especially on PlayStation VR.

With an impressive figure of 3 new games to be released this year, Ivanovich Games is what you can call a very active and passionate VR game studio.

5 people are at the heart of Ivanovich Games: Ivan Cascales (Game Designer & Director), Arturo Atance (Game Developer), Octavio Martinez (Art Director), Nestor de Souza (3D Artist), and Ricardo Fermin (Audio).

The project

Arturo, one of the members of the team had the project of creating an infinite runner for VR. When we received the 3dRudder development kit that had been shipped out for integration of the foot controller in Operation Warcade, it became clear that this incredible controller was a perfect fit for the idea. Arturo was so eager to try it that he put aside the integration in Operation Warcade and started working on it right away instead.

We discussed the project during one of these crazy meetings, and came up with the idea to mix the infinite runner concept with a very fast shooter in a Star Wars atmosphere. The result is an intense fast-paced game into which obstacles and ennemies pop up at the rythm of the beat of the music: Beat Blaster.

Beat Blaster is a VR game in which the player must master the art of shooting, running and dodging obstacles and ennemies. An original mix of styles with each level offering a new challenge.

The development of Beat Blaster was very intense and one of the fastest we've ever done. When we decided to go ahead and develop the game, we already had a working prototype of the infinite runner, but still it took us only 2 months with a team of 5 people to finish the whole game. We estimate it will take us another 2 months to close Early Access on Steam VR and make the PlayStation VR adaptation. It is definitely a game with an outstanding fast development.

3dRudder is what your feet need to do in virtual reality what they do in real life.

We first heard of the 3dRudder when the company contacted us to suggest we integrate their foot controller in Operation Warcade.
We thought it was a simple idea and that having a motion controller for PlayStation VR was essential to make up for the lack of joystick of the current PlayStation Move controllers.

So far, we have added native support for the 3dRudder controller both on Steam VR & PSVR in 2 games: Operation Warcade and Beat Blaster.

In Operation Warcade, the 3dRudder fits very well because it’s a game that is constantly changing context and the 3dRudder proves very intuitive in all of them: piloting helicopters and planes works just as you can imagine it works. It’s great! Driving vehicles and shooting at the same time is now easier than ever. And finally, now you can bend over at the immersion points more comfortably. We’re sure Operation Warcade players will be very happy with the addition of a motion controller.
As far as Beat Blaster is concerned, it’s something really special: the whole game was designed around the 3dRudder and players will be amazed at how you can control a VR runner with your feet and be able to shoot at the same time. It’s a lot of fun! You can focus on using your hands to shoot either with the Aim controller, with the PS moves or with the DualShock because your feet are already there to move just like they are in the real world. It’s much more intuitive that way.

Our vision of the industry is that VR is going to grow significantly. What we're unsure of is how. We believe Sony could definitely settle the VR market when they bring out PlayStation 5 with a really qualitative and easy to use VR system. But rumors say it won't come until 2020. Oculus could help a lot with the standalone headset they are releasing at a reduced price. But the quality that can be offered is very limited to the mobile processor itself.

At the moment, it seems that the PS4-VR is the best option for the common user and that's where our projects lie. At the moment, we're totally focused on 4 VR games:
1- Beat Blaster: VR game of shooting, running and dodging where everything happens to the music rhythm.

2- Touring Karts: a "Mario Kart" multiplayer designed from scratch for PSVR. With 20 customizable cars, 22 tracks and lots of crazy things that fit perfectly in the VR universe. It's a game we've been working on for over a year and hopefully it'll come out in the summer.

3- Soul Of Seas: it's a relaxing open world dive simulator for VR with more than 500 real marine species, an interesting story to discover and really good graphics. We have been working on this project for more than 2 years. At the end of 2017 we released "FishingGO", an Augmented Reality game taking advantage of part of the work done for SOS. We are sure that this will be an essential title for lovers of the underwater world. We plan to release this game at the end of the year after 3 years of development.

4- 1976 is an aircraft simulator designed for PSVR very, very original. We are going to surprise a lot with this game, but at the moment I'm not at liberty to say much more.

In this context, we hope the 3dRudder becomes a standard. We really love it.


The integration of the 3dRudder in Beat Blaster was really simple and fast.
In Operation Warcade, it was a bit more complicated because we have a lot of different controls to implement: driving trucks, piloting helicopters, airplanes, crouching while standing, and so on. But support for the 3dRudder in Beat Blaster was achieved in 1 hour.