Business case

Labrodex Studios.

Labrodex Studios is an entertainment and Enterprise software creation firm. We’re working on gaming titles as well as with corporate clients providing AR and VR Enterprise solutions. We also created Scraper: First Strike, a sci-fi adventure in VR.


Labrodex Studios

Game development studio based in Long Island, New York, and creator of Scraper: First Strike

We’re a studio of gamers with a mix of AAA consultants, industry veterans and extremely bright young professionals with immense talent.

Our mission is to create compelling VR, AR and 3D solutions. In addition, we want to continually raise the bar when it comes to blurring the line between the virtual world and reality. We’ve assembled an amazing group of artists, modelers, animators, narrative designers, business professionals and engine developers

Whether your firm is looking for cutting edge virtual reality training or supplying your workforce with state-of-the-art VR and AR tools, Labrodex Studios can help.

The project

Scraper is an original IP and focuses on the city of New Austin in the year 2076. Humechs (Advanced AI robots) have decided they should be “taking care” of us in a way that we areobviously not comfortable with.

While the human resistance forms (the HRF), your job is to help liberate the key Scrapers (skyscrapers) from the Humechs and thus to help turn the tide of battle.

Jim Rivon, Producer, had the initial idea for Scraper many years ago and over time wrote down and solidified a 3-game story with 5 episodes per game. The goal with Scraper was to create a rich sci-fi RPG in VR with exploration elements, engineering, engaging missions, great boss fights all wrapped in a fantastic story.

We wanted to create a VR version of classic RPGs, on a smaller scale, that would engage players and offer a brand new world to explore.

The world of Scraper is the first game in the series is Scraper: First Strike in virtual reality. The game was inspired by a prequel novel written by Ryder Windham of Star Wars fame, who has written over 80 novels in his career.

We have an incredible internal team and currently have about a dozen people in the studio and another 10 or so around the country with additional support when needed in art, programing and other development.

From start to finish, we worked roughly a year and half for the PCVR version and another 6 months for the PSVR edition.

The 3dRudder is a fantastic addition to any PSVR setup!

First, we were contacted by the team at 3dRudder and were sent a prototype to test out. We automatically liked the idea of a foot controller.


We thought the 3dRudder foot controller was a cool idea and addressed a sincere need for movement in VR. The device is a fantastic way to separate movement from game related controls and spread them out among different devices.


Anything we can do to add customization to a game is always considered. With Scraper: First Strike, our main concern is appealing to the numerous playstyles gamers have. Because they made 3dRudder so easy to integrate and that it answered this problematic, it was an easy choice.


It definitely gives gamers an alternate way to play and adds new elements and possibilities for gamers, which is always good. With the 3dRudder, you have more freedom with your hands to focus on weapon and enemy management. It’s a great peripheral for PSVR and a fantastic addition to any PSVR setup!


Concerning its influence in the VR market, we’re hoping for the 3dRudder team it will have a significant impact. They have been great to work with, are highly professional and you can tell they want nothing more than for the device to succeed.


Projects for the future?

Speaking of the future of VR, it is already approaching such a great stage. We’re very close to high resolution, wide FOV and wireless high-fidelity experiences. There are some amazing VR titles already out there and it’s incredibly inspirational. We can’t believe what other studios have put together.


After Scraper: First Strike, we’re working on two additional titles at the moment. One is Humans101 in VR and the other is a Scraper spinoff. We’re also working on a VR Safety Lab for our Enterprise division and AR related projects for corporate clients. Plus, we have a few bigger non-VR projects in the works as well.


We’ll definitely keep working with VR. We’re in the very early stages of it and we believe it is only going to grow from here. We’re excited to see what hardware is coming from new players as they enter the market!


The integration was very easy because of the hard work the 3dRudder team already did and, in addition, the 3dRudder team was great to work with. The minor questions we had were answered quickly and they also helped us playtest the device.

Finally, they tested the integration and gave us great feedback to enhance it even further to achieve this very satisfying final result.

When we tested it out, we were excited knowing we just added a fantastic new feature to Scraper.