Business case


Showstorm ltd is the developer of Steam Hammer VR, a virtual reality steampunk adventure.
Here is how Showstorm integrated the 3dRudder as a VR motion controller into Steam Hammer VR.


Mark Bellinger

Managing Director at Showstorm

Since 2008 Showstorm Ltd have been helping businesses utilise the latest cutting edge technologies, create compelling digital content and drive sales by ensuring they are the first in their market to benefit from emerging technology.

Showstorm has a proven track record in pioneering future proof software solutions for its premier clients with a lean and fast development process that quickly gets you from storyboard to implementation. It has three specialist divisions: The HUB Entertainment Software , GamestormVR for VR Game Development and Metaverse42 for VR & AR for Business.

The project

In 2016, when we saw just how great VR had become, we decided to invest in ourselves and embark on a ‘small’ in house project called SteamHammerVR.
We had a number of cool ideas on the table, but we chose this steampunk concept because it was universally something everyone in the core team felt energised to do. At this stage we weren’t certain we could make a compelling VR experience in respect of gameplay but we knew we could make something that favoured our creative expertise and as such would make it lean more heavily on the style and story.
It was effectively nine months from the first discussion through to release of the Early Access version.
Feedback from the VR community made it very clear to us that they wanted our experience to allow ‘free movement’. We had previously not made this an option available as we felt that it caused nausea for many people. We soon realised that there are many factors that can avoid this issue, one of course being a properly optimised experience and attention to detail in the way you implement speed and strafe of free movement.

At the beginning, I thought the 3dRudder was just a gimmick. Until you try it, you really can’t appreciate just how cool it is!

We were approached by 3dRudder who introduced their VR controller to us. At the beginning, I thought it was just a gimmick as I have never been a big fan of seated VR experiences unless the activity itself is seated like car racing for example. I think 3dRudder is a bit like VR itself in that until you try it, you really can’t appreciate just how cool it is. Its biggest impact will be for those who do not have the space to enjoy room scale experiences and those who otherwise would not be able to enjoy VR fully, and for people who frankly are a bit too lazy to get out of their chair! ….and to be honest, it really is a fun and different experience playing SteamHammerVR with the 3dRudder even compared to our standard free movement system. We love it!
Also, the 3dRudder is a great accessibility controller: it opens up our experience to people who otherwise would be denied that time travelling journey.


The original SDK supplied by the team from 3d Rudder was very easy to use, well documented, with good examples and absolutely first class friendly support and feedback throughout the whole implementation.