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Victor Ragot.

Victor Ragot is a compulsive game developer. He's spent more than 2 years working on the release of Black Day, a sandbox tactical shooter into which he added native support for the 3dRudder.


Victor Ragot

Game developer

Victor Ragot is a musician in the daytime and a game developer at night. Passionate about Arma, the military tactical shooter video game, he created several successful campaigns, among which Navy Seal Blue Brothers that earned him a reputation in the community.

From there, he decided to develop his own sandbox tactical shooter: Black Day. After 1 year of hard work, Victor Ragot released the early-access of his game on Steam.

The project

I've always been a big fan of Arma, the military tactical shooter video game. In Arma 3, you have the possibility to create your own campaigns and share them on Steam. Though I'm not a professional game developer, I created several campaigns among which Navy Seal Blood brothers, which was quite successful and earned me a reputation in the Arma community.

From there, I decided to create my own game: Black Day. Black Day is a sandbox tactical shooter video game playable on PC. Obviously, Arma was a source of inspiration as well as Airsoft. I called it Black day because it sounded nice and catchy for a strategy game.

Black Day sandbox tactical shooter

It took me one whole year before I had a 1st finished version of the game. I developed the game with Unreal Engine and I had to learn everything from scratch. During this first year, I would work during daytime as a music teacher, and spend the rest of my day (and night) developing the game, up to 12 to 14-hour a day. When Black Day went early access on Steam in September 2017, it was a celebration but the game still had a lot of bugs that needed to be fixed.
The development of the game is still an on-going process but hopefully, after more than 2 years, the final version should be available soon on Steam.

Black Day offers a lot of content for players who can create their own game settings. When you start the game, you configure your character and you assemble your team, you choose your attire, you select your map (19 available), your mission (like rescuing hostages, destroying a pipeline) and you set your objectives & the level of difficulty (AI, intelligence available, special ennemies...). Possibilities are infinite and you could play the game for years. There's also a learning curve that earns you points and give you access to new weapons. It's a highly motivating system.

Black day tactical shooter steam

The 3dRudder is convenient to use, easy to start with, and fun to play with. I would say it makes playing Black Day more immersive.

Olivier Gaming, a YouTuber whom I knew since Arma, used to publish a video on a monthly basis to inform gamers on the development of Black Day. In November 2018, his video featured the 3dRudder. It caught my attention and I looked for more information about this PC controller which I found super cool. I decided to contact the company, and after discussing mainly with their CSO and their gaming specialist, I was convinced that I had to add native support for the 3dRudder in Black Day.

3drudder gaming controller pc games

In Black Day when you want to move your character, you have a choice of 3 speeds: walking, sprinting, running. When you play with a keyboard, you use 2 keys to change gear. When I integrated the 3dRudder, I took advantage of the progressivity of the foot controller: the more angle you give to the device, the faster you move: tilt the 3dRudder a little forward to walk, a little bit more to sprint and tilt it fully to run.
In Black Day I use all 4 axes of the 3dRudder: forward/backward, left/right, rotation to move the character, and the 4th axis (up/down) to crouch and stand up. Having the 3dRudder motion controller to play Black Day frees up the hands and makes the gaming experience quite unique.
On top of that, the 3dRudder is convenient to use, easy to start with, and fun to play with. I would say it makes playing Black Day more immersive. It’s a whole new gaming experience really.


Projects for the future?

I'd love to port Black Day to VR. However I'm well aware it would imply signifiant changes to the game.
Otherwise, I'd like to make another game, kind of Hitman-like. Actually, I can think of a lot of things I'd like to do. The hardest part will be to settle on one and only project!


Integration was a hassle-free business. I downloaded the Unreal Engine SDK from 3dRudder developers’ website and completed the integration within an hour. The guidelines they provide for integration were crystal clear.

I would say that figuring out how best I could use the features of the 3dRudder, and the changes and improvements it would bring to my game was what took the longest. Overall, spending time to think thoroughly beforehand is the guarantee that integration will be super quick.