Business case

Viva Games Studios.

Viva Games is a game development studio focused on developing and publishing console games. Here is an insight on the integration of the 3dRudder foot controller in our first VR title Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher.


Viva Games Studios

Game development studio based in Beijing, China, and creator of Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher

Our aim as a game studio is to develop engaging and immersive experiences for console players.

Over the last three years we have expanded the team from a handful to more than 30 people to develop Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher.

It has been a big challenge for us to bring players a more immersive and innovative experience using the advanced technology of PSVR, but we have enjoyed every minute.

The project

The adventure with the shooter and adventure game Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher started 3 years ago.

Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher is inspired by an ancient Chinese legend; long ago there was an emperor called 夕 who brought chaos and destruction on New Year’s Eve. Time passes, legend becomes myth, and we have put our own twist on the tale.

We decided to try virtual reality because we believe this mode brings the player the ultimate experience in terms of immersion. We wanted the player to “dive into the world” we created, and so we just used the advantages of VR.

At the start of Immortal Legacy, Tyre tells a story he heard from his mother Upasama: Thousands of years ago, there was an emperor whose greatest desire was to become immortal. With the help of the greatest alchemists in his empire, he became a tyrant, and began experimenting on his own people.

Every year, on the same day, his soldiers would kidnap citizens and carry them off for his experiments. Upasama claimed she was one of the people experimented on, and that she has lived, unchanged, for thousands of years.

Ksana claims to have known Tyre’s mother. She wants to uncover the missing parts of her memory and the reason why she is being hunted, but someone else got to Tyre’s mother first. Together, with Tyre who wants to find the murderer, Ksana embarks on an uncertain journey to Yingzhou isle.

The 3dRudder enables a completely new experience in virtual reality

What’s nice about the 3dRudder controller is that everybody can understand how to use the device in a maximum of ten minutes. When we first heard of the 3dRudder foot motion controller, we were eager to try it!


The 3dRudder foot controller is a great device. It gives the player a new gameplay experience in Immortal Legacy. The 3dRudder enables a more immersive gameplay, as walking with your feet feels natural.


The 3dRudder foot motion controller for PlayStation VR allows a completely new experience in virtual reality games. We believe more and more developers will support the 3dRudder, because it can make games more colourful and enjoyable.


We tried a lot of devices but the 3dRudder seems to be perfectly fitted for the game.




Projects for the future?

When speaking of the future of virtual reality, our team obviously wants to reiterate the experience. Performances in VR are becoming better and better. When developers will have accumulated more experience in this matter, the gameplay of VR games will be, exponentially, more interesting for the players.


When speaking of future projects, Viva Games’ ambition is to continually improve the games quality.  Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher has a good story line, that we plan to keep telling. Game developing needs foundations!


We hope that our work will trigger the interest of other publishers and investors. Indeed, Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher has the potential to be a big title in the coming years.



The integration of the PlayStation VR foot controller has also been really easy, I think we only spent two days to code. In order to have the best experience possible, our team had to make necessary settings adjustments to the game as well as few tests, in cooperation with the 3dRudder team.

All this obviously takes time. But we managed to make it alive pretty fast thanks to the help of the 3dRudder technical team.