3dRudder reveals the full potential of your PlayStation VR game

Playing a PlayStation VR game with Dualshock 4

PS4 Dualshock 4
Using the PlayStation Dualshock 4 controller to move in a PlayStation VR game works perfectly for motion and action but it lacks the kind of immersion you expect in Virtual Reality: you can’t physically bend a bow or shoot a gun.

Playing a PSVR game with PlayStation Move or Aim Controller

PlayStation Move and PlayStation Aim controllers
Using the PlayStation Move Controller or Aim Controller offers the right level of immersion but it lacks the agility of movement you expect in VR: as you mostly move where your controller points at, you can’t for example strafe while bending a bow or shooting a gun.

The 3dRudder is the controller that kicks your PSVR game up a notch

3dRudder with PlayStation Aim and PlayStation Move Controllers

Move & interact simultaneously

3dRudder combined with PlayStation Move Controllers
Because it is foot-operated and combinable with the PlayStation Move and the Aim Controllers, the 3dRudder is the ideal motion controller for PSVR. Your feet control your moves with simple movements of the 3dRudder while your hands are freed up to interact with the PlayStation Move Controllers or the PlayStation Aim Controller. Moving and interacting can be done simultaneously.

Combine immersion & smooth locomotion

3dRudder combined with PlayStation VR Aim Controller
The 3dRudder is the motion controller that enables smooth locomotion in any PlayStation VR game and that includes smooth rotation. Combine its controls with the PlayStation Move Controllers or the PlayStation Aim Controller to offer players the ultimate level of immersion they all expect in a great VR game.

Unleash your game: the 3dRudder is a powerful, easy-to-use VR motion controller

The 3dRudder is a VR motion controller for the whole family from teenagers to adults and elderly

The 3dRudder is used seated which perfectly fits PlayStation VR characteristics

The 3dRudder is foot-operated and triggers movement with effortless movements

The 3dRudder is a hand-free motion controller. Let’s interact!

Forget teleportation

Get the graal of free locomotion. Because you can adjust speed, acceleration, deadzone independently for each axis, define your point of rotation, and because moving with your feet sends a motion signal to the brain, the 3dRudder induces no motion sickness in VR. Forget teleportation. You can offer the most enjoyable VR experience to date.

No need for roomscale

Move freely wherever you want to from your couch. Users say the controls of the 3dRudder motion controller are very intuitive. Simple movements of the feet suffice to tilt the 3dRudder and trigger movement in a game. And that includes combining axes together to experience real-like motion. No need for roomscale. You can go wherever you want to.

PlayStation VR: experience all types of locomotion with the 3dRudder


Enjoy free locomotion, smooth rotation included.
Great for FPS games.


Experience helicopter-like movement to hover over.
Ideal for God games.


Combine the 4 axes to perform state-of-the-art maneuvers.
Perfect for Flight simulations.

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The 3dRudder is easy to integrate in your PlayStation VR game

3dRudder's Sony PlayStation VR SDK

You want to integrate the 3dRudder as a motion controller for your PlayStation VR game? We provide the SDK for Sony PlayStation VR, as well as advice and guidelines to optimize your integration of the foot controller.

3dRudder's technical support & testing

All along the integration phase, the 3dRudder team is here to help and provide all the assistance you need to turn your integration into a game changer. We also do the testings and give you feedback to optimize performances.

3drudder gives superpowers

apply for 3drudder PlayStation VR dev kit-700

Technical data


Operating system







> Samples
> Integration guidelines



> Advice for integration & motion management
> Technical support
> Testing & Feedback



Combinable with:
> PSVR headset
> PS move controllers
> PS aim controller
> Dualshock PS4



> Up to 4 axes: X, Y, Z, rZ
> Up to 8 buttons addressable
> Speed, acceleration, deadzone adjustable
> Sound