Compatible Software

Find in this section compatible software to use with your 3dRudder Pro and 3dRudder Pro Wireless.


Fly or orbit in Blender with the feet. Free your hands with intuitive and natural motion at the feet. Be more productive and more creative.

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3dRudder Pro Dashboard


The 3dRudder Pro dashboard lets you use any software where motion is normally handled by keyboard keys or a joystick. Also great for accessibility features.

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SAMSON – Software for Adaptive Modeling and Simulation Of Nanosystems


SAMSON - Navigate nanosystem models with the feet intuitively and naturally.

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Rhino 3D


Navigate with the feet in Rhino 3D. Free your hands and focus on your design. Be more productive and more creative.

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MARUI-Plugin for Maya in VR


Design faster in Maya in VR, navigating your design with the feet, freeing your hands for more productivity and more creativity.

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HTC Vive Sync


Move around in HTC Vive Sync with the feet. Forget teleportation, start moving intuitively and naturally in shared virtual places and meetings. Be more productive.

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