3dRudder support

Tutorials to get the best out of your 3dRudder

How to install the 3dRudder Dashboard

The Dashboard is a free software that you install on your computer to access the control panel of your 3dRudder controller.
Designed as a user-friendly tool, it includes preconfigured modes…

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How to install the 3dRudder CAD plugin

The CAD plugin will make your 3dRudder compatible with your CAD Software. As of today, the plugin is compatible with Rhino3D V5, but an increasing number of CAD software compatible with the 3dRudder…

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How to use the 3dRudder within Rhino3D

This tutorial explains step by step the movements that will allow you to navigate your 3D models in Rhino3D using the 3dRudder, and gives you tips to optimize your navigation.
The 3dRudder is…

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