CAD Tutorial

How to install the 3dRudder CAD plugin

The CAD plugin will make your 3dRudder compatible with your CAD Software. As of today, the plugin is compatible with Rhino3D V5, but an increasing number of CAD software compatible with the 3dRudder will soon be added. These additions will be included in the updates for free. Install it now to enjoy all the functionalities of your 3dRudder as a 3D mouse to control view modes with your feet while creating with your hands.

1. Install the 3dRudder Dashboard and proceed to updates

Before starting, plug in your 3dRudder to your computer and make sure your CAD software is closed, then click on the button below:
Download 3dRudder dashboard now

For detailed information, click here to read the step by step installation guide of the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is a free client software developed by our company to set up the 3dRudder in various ways. Once the Dashboard is installed and running on your computer, proceed to the updates.

From the home page of the Dashboard, click on:

  1. 1. Software Update and then on
  2. 2. Check for updates now. A list of recommended updates will be displayed both for the firmware of the 3dRudder and the Dashboard. Select the latest version, and click on:
  3. 3. Update Dashboard: please note that the minimum version required is
  4. 4. Update 3dRudder: please note that the minimum version required is 1371

2. Download the CAD plugin set up

Click on the button below to download the plugin set-up program
Download the Rhino plugin now

Once the program is installed on your computer, the following window will appear:

Click on next to access the license manager.

3. Activate your license

To activate your license, please fill in your order # (9 digits) + the email associated with the order. If you encounter any issue during activation, please contact us for support.
Evaluation version: select this option if you want to try out the plugin for free for 30 days (requires to own a 3dRudder).
Once your license is activated, you are ready to launch your CAD software.

4. Open Rhino3D and access the 3dRudder control panel

When you open Rhino3D, click on the ‘parameters’ wheel as shown below, then on ‘3dRudder Controller’.

A new tab appears: the 3dRudder control panel, where you can adjust speed of movement + dead zone for each axis, as well as other features.

5. Start navigation

Now sit down, put your feet on the 3dRudder and stay still until you hear a short beep indicating calibration is complete. You can now start controlling your perspective with your feet on the 3dRudder.
For detailed information, click here to read the step by step guide of how to start navigating.

Here are the 4 movements to operate in order to trigger Dolly, Pan, Orbit, Orbit vertical and Pan vertical.

Dolly: forward/backard
Pan: left/right
Orbit: rotation
Orbit vertical or pan vertical: up/down

6. Enjoy