Location based entertainement, Arcades

Implement 3drudder's Arcade System to create thrilling VR experiences for any type of public and expand your business

3dRudder VR Arcade System: born for the show

55″ TV screen
Huge TV screens attract bystanders and create a spectacular effect

Game broadcast
During gaming sessions, spectators can see what the players experience

Trailers & videos
Between 2 sessions, game trailers are broadcasted onscreen

Integrated sound
TV loudspeakers create a lively atmosphere

Thrilling, smart, and savvy


The 3dRudder is a versatile VR motion controller that lets you move in a variety of game genres: FPS, flight simulation, exploration. One set-up is all it takes to play any type of VR game.

More players

With a size allotment as small as 13 sq. feet per pod, the 3dRudder VR Arcade solution lets you fit more players in a given space, and fit players where you thought was impossible.

Less staff involvement

The whole 3dRudder VR Arcade system has been created around the idea that the player can prepare themself in a matter of minutes to reduce staff involvement.

3dRudder Arcade System: the full VR solution for LBE's and Arcades

The 3dRudder Arcade Edition: the heart of the reactor

The 3dRudder is the motion controller that makes the thrilling seated VR experience possible. Surprisingly intuitive to use, its foot controls offer a unique combination of free locomotion, smooth rotation, and full motion control at all times.

All-inclusive subscription formula

In its Arcade Edition, the 3dRudder comes with a selection of well-acclaimed games, and a user-friendly interface designed for a self-start by the player. No need to purchase the hardware or a piece of software: you’ll love our hassle-free subscription formula.

The pod: a comprehensive concept

Our VR Arcade Pod is a smart solution with a wow effect. Equipped with an adjustable bucket seat, mounted on an elevated podium for cable passageway, it welcomes any size of PC, and includes carefully thought out details that you’ll love.

Hardware: leave nothing to chance

The 3dRudder Arcade System is built around highly reliable pieces of hardware. The Oculus Rift Business is included in our full VR formula: we love its ease-of-use, its light weight, and the commercial warranty. For the computer, we offer you a custom piece of hardware with the best combination of high performance render for virtual reality gaming and long-term reliability.

Change configuration on demand to create tremendous multi-players events

Create your own configuration

Select your preferred configuration—in a row, face-to-face or star-shaped—and change it in a few minutes to fit your needs. The pods are fixed onto rollers to enable a complete modularity.

Organize multi-players events

With a selection of well-acclaimed multi-players games, the 3dRudder VR Arcade solution gives organizing tournaments a must-have to boost your business. Create indoor events or cross-location contests that will make a tremendous buzz.

Pricing & options

3dRudder Arcade Edition including:

  • a 3drudder foot controller arcade edition
  • equipped with foot bars + fixed base
  • commercial license for business use
  • access to VR games
  • ability to play all type of games: FPS, flight simulation, horror, exploration… with one and only set-up

The warranty: 100% of billable time & no hidden fees:

  • for 6 subscriptions: get a spare 3dRudder foot controller
  • for each 3drudder foot controller: 1 pair of spare foot bars + 1 pair of spare foot pads
  • in case of breakdown: replacement of your 3dRudder in 72 hours free of charge

The interface adapted to your business

  • for the player: tutorial for self-starting, games library, launch of selected game, timer, help button
  • for your business: dashboard with sales report & statistics, game license management

Contact us anytime to get more information about 3dRudder VR Arcade system, find out how to order your own pods, and get a personalized offer.