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Visit your projects and properties from ground level up to top floor, explore every angle, pick your perspective, in a truly interactive and immersive way thanks to the 3dRudder as a free locomotion solution.

Fluid motion

3dRudder fluid VR motionImplementing a proper VR locomotion solution that won’t kill immersion is a major stake. The 3dRudder provides real-time, real-like moves triggered by your feet: walk, rotate, change direction, step up or down all the while controlling your pace.

Hands free

3dRudder VR controller frees up handsAs a foot-based motion controller, the 3dRudder lets you move into your simulation with hands free for interaction like manipulating objects within the VR environment, or jotting down notes.


3dRudder VR motion controller is safe to useWhile some people think of VR as a standing experience, when it comes to professional use, you have to think safety first. The 3dRudder is used seated, which avoids any kind of falling injury or hitting objects.

Easy integration

3dRudder VR motion controller is easy to integrateThe 3dRudder business edition comes with VR assets constantly updated to the latest versions for Unity, Unreal Engine and Stingray. All you’ll need to do is download the 3dRudder’s VR plugin you need, map the axes and start navigating.

Boost customers' buy in

Save time & money

Doing a virtual visit saves both the vendor and the customer time and money, at one condition: being able to do the visit in real-like condition, thereby the need for a relevant motion solution. That’s what the 3dRudder offers with its 4 axes enabling the user to be in total control of its walkthrough, with a fluid, seamless motion.

Make the experience memorable

When it comes to real-estate management, making the difference is a matter of details well thought, and it starts with the quality of service you provide. The 3dRudder will help you deliver a memorable experience: it is easy to use and its very simplicity provides a deep sense of immersion.

Boost buy in

Thinking in 3 dimensions is not a given for everybody, let alone imagining how beautifully black marble renders in a bathroom, or how many clothes can fit into a 150 sq. ft walk-in closet. Letting your customers experience a full-scale visit with a fluid locomotion solution, such as the one the 3dRudder offers both in VR or 3D, will make them interested in the project right away.

Provide full-scale immersion

The magic of virtual reality is it’s ability to provide a full-scale experience that you can literally step into. Using misappropriate locomotion solution that spoil immersion could nonetheless kill the golden goose. The 3dRudder is the most appropriate VR motion controller for all 360 experiences when it comes to providing real-life conditions.

Improve cost efficiency

How the 3dRudder contributes to cost efficiency

Construction requires extraordinary high investment levels and projects must ensure that the project is fully viable before breaking ground is a major stake. Simulating a project in virtual reality or 3D is a first step towards uncertainty reduction. Integrating the 3dRudder into this phase to enable thorough exploration of the project by all engineers to check for conflicts and make any appropriate changes  is where a true difference can be made.

VR motion controller for real-estate


VR plugin

3dRudder Unreal Engine plugin3dRudder Unity plugin3dRudder Stingray pluginXenko

Operating system

Windows 10 (64 bits)

Power / Data


Commands enabled

4 axes
– forward / backward
– left / right
– rotation
– up / down
You also have the possibility to adjust speed, dead zone and other parameters. For more information, access our developer’s section.

5 steps to integrate the 3dRudder

Plug your 3dRudder to your PC
Download the VR plugin you need
Map the axes of the 3dRudder
Sit down and put your feet on the 3dRudder
Start moving into your simulation