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Grant your visitors an exclusive access to your site in virtual reality. With the 3dRudder, they will explore, wander, discover at their own pace and live a unique experience they will want to share with others.

Implement the 3dRudder to increase your attendance

Create a unique VR experience for your on-site visitors

As VR technology becomes more popular, visitors soon will no longer enjoy being simple watchers but will expect to be part of the experience. By providing full motion control while comfortably seated, and freeing up hands for interaction, the 3dRudder is the device that will help you meet your visitors’ expectation.

Make your site accessible to people around the world

Traveling to a faraway destination is probably the most shared dream of people around the world, but accessible to only a few. What if you could make this dream come true and exponentially expand the number of your visitors? The 3dRudder, by enabling users to pick their own point of view, and to move seamlessly, is the must-have tool to turn your experience into a successful memory.

Did you know?

The Louvres, the most visited museum in the world, shows only 8% of its permanent collection, The Guggenheim only 3%. The reason can be either lack of available space or conservation conditions. With more than 90% of the world masterpieces not available on show, Virtual Reality is the perfect solution to make these pieces public.

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Tourism the Louvres

Experience seamless 360° motion

Get comfortably seated

Experiencing VR seated and with total freedom of movement within the experience is the one criteria that will make virtual reality accessible to the greater public. And that’s what the 3dRudder offers, enabling longer period of simulation with no fatigue, and discarding any risk of fall or injury.

Travel any distance

With the 3dRudder, there’s no limit to the miles you can travel. You don’t need to stand and you are not restricted to a room-scale area. Your virtual reality simulation can be at scale 1:1 and still your visitors will be able to visit it all seamlessly.

Explore any corner

The 3dRudder provides 4 axes for a total freedom of movement in irtual reality. You can turn around a statue and explore any detail, see a monument from high above, get so close to a painting you see the cracks of the polish, and the best thing is, it’s so easy to navigate, it will take your visitors only a few seconds to master it.

Get full motion control

Decide where you want to go, and your feet will take you there. You don’t need to use the pads of your hand controllers, nor the teleportation system to move. The sensors of the 3dRudder will register the impulse of your feet and turn them into accurate, real-time moves within your VR experience

Make your visits accessible to all

Move intuitively

3dRudder fluid VR motionSimple movements of your feet on the platform suffice to trigger the 3dRudder. Push forward/backward, tilt the device to the left/the right, rotate it, or push with your toes and heels. As simple as walking.


3dRudder VR controller frees up handsAs a foot-operated motion controller, the 3dRudder frees up your hands and enables a greater level of interaction. The experience you offer can be set up so that users can display explanation when they feel the need, grab a brush and create their own painting for the exhibition: possibilities are endless.

Technical data


OS & Power/data

Windows 10


VR Assets

› Unity
› Unreal engine
› Stingray
› Xenko


Virtual reality

Compatible with Windows VR
› HTC Vive
› Oculus Rift



› 4 axes : X . Y . Z . rZ
› Speed, acceleration, deadzone
› Sound
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